Our hydrotherapy center welcomes growing numbers of patients suffering from ichtyosis. This chronic dermatological condition of genetic origin has a major impact on the patients' quality of life due to its visible clinical signs (significant scaling, redness, etc.) and the associated clinical symptoms (itching, pain, functional handicap). In 2009, a pioneer study was performed, in collaboration with several university hospital centers, to evaluate the effects of Avène hydrotherapy treatment on a population of ichtyosis patients. 

Published in the November 2011 issue of the British Journal of Dermatology, this study underlines the therapeutic benefits of Avène hydrotherapy: Significant effectiveness in improving clinical signs and patients' quality of life was demonstrated at the end of the hydrotherapy treatment and even 6 months afterwards.


Dry skin, most often of hereditary origin, with frequent associated itching.


The effects of the treatment include the possibility of performing body wraps for lipid-replenishing and emollient benefits intended to treat ichtyosis.

The short and medium term effectiveness of Avène hydrotherapy treatments was demonstrated in patients suffering from hereditary ichtyosis*

  • Short term - 38% at end of treatment
  • Medium term - 31%, 6 months after treatment

* Bodemer C, Bourrat E, Mazereew-Hautier J, Boralevi F, Barbarot S, Bessis D, Blanchet-Bardon C, Bourdon-Lanoy E, Stalder JF, Ribet V, Guerrero D, Sibaud V. Short and medium term efficacy of specific hydrotherapy in inherited ichthiosis. British Journal of Dermatology 2011;165, pp1087-9

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Chronic dermatosIs (eczema, psoriasis, etc.) represents the majority of all skin disorders treated at the Avène Hydrotherapy Center. 

They require suitable treatments. Our hydrotherapy physicians evaluate and choose the treatments that are best adapted to each case.


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