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A program of Conferences and Practical Workshops to help patients to better manage their pathology. In addition to the actual hydrotherapy treatments, the Avène Hydrotherapy Center staff offers a complete programme of conferences and educational workshops for patients and the parents of child patients, to enable them to take care of their health in a global and personalised way.

What are conferences about ?

Maquillage médical aux Thermes d'Avène
conférence aux Thermes d'Avène

The conferences we offer are very important moments of exchange to understand the illness, the dynamics of care and the effects of sport and stress on health, and ultimately better manage their own situation.

  • « Hydrotherapy at Avène" explains the history of the Hydrotherapy Center, the origin of Thermal Spring Water and the benefits of individual dermatosis treatments.
  • « Dermatology" explains everything patients need to know about atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.
  • Sport and Health, discusses the health benefits of sport

  • Stress and Health

Why hold workshops and conferences during therapy

relaxation enfant
relaxation adulte
art thérapie
groupe de parole

Undergoing hydrotherapy treatment at Avène is often synonymous with learning about relief and the pleasures of a gentler life style. It means finding peace with oneself and with others.

This is why we considered it important to provide Workshops and Conferences for our patients to help them learn how to better manage their condition on a daily basis and teach them about the right preventive measures that will prolong the beneficial effects of their treatment, prevent flareups and quite simply reduce anxiety and stress. But also to rediscover the meaning of sharing.

What workshops are offered ?

Hygiene and Hydration workshop :

This workshop will provide advice on good hygiene and appropriate hydration for your condition, working to complement your medical treatment... It will also help manage your dermatosis in the context of daily life.

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Some advice



Emollient application worshop for children :

The massage technique:

Massaging with an emollient ensures reinforced skin softness and an opportunity for bonding between parents and children, and thereby improved acceptance of treatment.

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the child massage tutorial


Applying cream can be fun:

We offer a fun way to get children to apply their emollient daily. The objective here is to transform an unpleasant task into a game that helps children apply their emollient.

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The animated nursery rhyme of Ladybug and Leo


Alternatives to scratching workshop :

This workshop teaches a behavioral approach to itching. Thanks to explanations and demonstrations, you will learn what to do to better anticipate flareups of itchiness.

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Creation of the anti-scratch box workshop

By creating their own anti-scratch box, the children appropriate the alternatives to scratching in order to transform the effort of not scratching into a game.


Relaxation worshop : 

These practical sessions teach patients how to let go and evacuate stress using simple, easy-to-reproduce methods. Relaxation techniques in the form of games are taught to help you calm and relax your children.


Expression and exchange workshops

Led by a clinical psychologist, these workshops are spaces for meeting, listening and exchanging ideas and experiences where everyone can express themselves freely, with other people living in similar situations.


Medical makeup

With the assistance of an expert, this workshop teaches how to best use the specific techniques of evenly concealing cutaneous imperfections on the face and body. It is intended for both men and women, irrespective of their condition...


Rejuvenating Makeup Workshop

Because illness can cause signs of aging to appear early, in this workshop you will learn make-up techniques that rejuvenate the face.


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