Avène enfant curiste

Avene Hydrotherapy Center

Avene Hydrotherapy Center

Avene Center offers special treatments in the form of gentle and adapted therapies for your child:

Why come to Avene Hydrotherapy centre?

Avène enfant curiste
  • Indications:

Eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, ichthyosis, scars and burns, are the main issues.

  • Expected results:

From the very first treatments, Avène thermal spring water produces its soothing, anti-irritant and antipruritic effects on chronic dermatoses. Once the treatment has concluded very significant improvements are seen in both children and adults.
A study conducted over eight seasons on over 10,000 patients suffering from atopic dermatitis, 30% of them children, demonstrated the benefits of the hydrotherapy treatments with a reduction of more than 41.6% in the clinical scores (measured by SCORAD - SCORing Atopic Dermatitis).
An improvement of the children's quality of life was also demonstrated with improved sleep, less scratching, better acceptance of skin care and more participation in everyday activities appropriate to their age.


Preparing for the hydrotherapy treatment and organization

Steps for preparing a hydrotherapy treatment with your child:

  1. 1Medical prescription or personally funded treatments:

    Treatment covered by health insurance with a form to fill out with your doctor, paediatrician or dermatologist (form S2 for countries in the European Union) otherwise personally funded treatment.

  2. 2Make an appointment with one of the hydrotherapy doctors..

    Doctors List

    For babies aged over 3 months and children, treatments are prescribed on arrival during the initial consultation.

  3. 3Book accommodation:

    Minors must be accompanied by an adult during their stay. The establishment does not have facilities for accommodating unaccompanied children.

    Accommodation Guide

    Eau thermale Avène l'Hôtel

  4. 4Book your child’s treatment :

    Book your child’s treatment on this website
    or by telephone : 0 33 4 67 23 41 87

    Book your child’s treatment

Hydrotherapy treatments are suitable for babies and children

The treatments included in your child's treatment programmes reflect their age, the condition, and the location of the lesions. Supported by a multidisciplinary team (hydro-therapists, nurses, physiotherapists, doctors), you will accompany your child throughout the treatment programme (one adult per child per session is recommended).

The daily programme for your child will take 90 minutes. It is made up of a maximum of 4 treatments from among:

  • Simple baths (for babies) or aero-hydromassage baths for children.
  • All-over showers, all-over sprays (children)
  • Localized spray treatments for the face, hands or scalp (children)
  • Local applications of thermal water compresses (babies and children)
  • Under water massages (children)
  • Filiform showers (children)

Discover hydrotherapy treatments

Learning to manage your child’s skin day to day

Medical lectures by dermatologists are offered each week for parents, providing information about the condition and treatments.

Through age-appropriate workshops, you will accompany your child, be able to make the most of your stay and together learn how to best handle the condition day to day.

You will find many practical tips for taking care of your child's skin:
The right way for gently washing, a method of applying emollient creams to moisturize the skin can become a really pleasurable time. And of course from an early age, tips and tricks for avoiding scratching without blaming the child or family.

The workshops:

  • Hygiene and Hydration
  • Applying emollients
  • Alternatives to scratching
  • Creation of the anti'scratching box
  • Relaxation
  • Medical makeup for teens and preteens

Discover the workshops

Activities for younger and older children

Children aged 3 to 12 are welcomed by professionals and state qualified activity leaders at the kids’ club “les Mûriers” where a range of activities are proposed every day.
Activities service close to the Centre

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