Daily hydrotherapy treatment sessions with Avène thermal Spring Water include essential treatments dispensed to everyone and complementary personalized treatments that are unique to your program. Physicians receive each patient for a consultation at the beginning of the treatment program. Depending on the established diagnosis, treatment history and clinical observations, the physicians determine a daily treatment program of approximate one and a half hours.


The bath treatment is the cornerstone of hydrotherapy, having multiple beneficial effects including emollient, anti-inflammatory and sedative. 

The program for infants ages 3 months and over consists of two simple daily baths. Infant and child treatments are dispensed under the supervision of a parent or close relative.


Both for children and adults, thermal water baths referred to as whirlpool baths can feature an air bubble effect or underwater jets (hydromassage) to optimize the soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of thermal spring water. 

The emollient and skin-softening power of hydromassage perfectly complements the properties of thermal water.



The full-body shower facilitates the elimination of squamae and all the skin particles previously scaled off by the bath. The shower lasts 5 min on average, depending on the medical prescription.  Its anti-itching and sedative properties are an excellent complement to the bath.


Applied in a mist of Avène Thermal Spring Water, the full body spray has high moistening power thanks to the fineness of the suspended droplets.  The skin is thoroughly imbued and the anti-itching and soothing properties of Avène Thermal Spring Water optimized.


Avène Thermal Spring Water compresses

Compresses made from cotton, imbued with Avène Thermal Spring Water are applied to the most inflammatory lesions and left in place according to prescription, from 10 to 30 minutes, while more water is applied to them on several occasions.  They have an anti-itching and anti-inflammatory effect.


Underwater massage in Avène Thermal Spring Water

The center's physiotherapist performs underwater massages in Avène Thermal Spring Water (low-pressure shower referred to as "soft shower") intended to soften the skin, especially when subject to healing with a fibrous and retractile tendency.


Filiform showers with Avène Thermal Spring Water are always administered by the Center's thermal doctors. They enable highly targeted treatment of lesions, especially those due to skin disorders.  The thermal water pressure, the size of the jets, the distance between the operator and patient contribute to the interesting potential for using this treatment in very different situations.

At high pressure:

Most suitable for hyperkeratosic conditions (psoriasis, dry or lichenified eczema), connective tissue hypertrophy (pathological scars, especially after extensive burns).

At low pressure:

Low pressure or a broken water stream have to be used on more fragile skin types (e.g. scabby conditions of atopic dermatitis). The importance of the filiform shower in the daily hydrotherapy treatment program is determined by the physician.


A unique treatment specific to the Avène Hydrotherapy Centre, the scalp shower is offered to help thoroughly cleanse scaly skin on the scalp.  The advantages of this variable pressure treatment lie in its massage action using Avène Thermal Spring Water.


Local spraying

Local spraying is performed with a device that diffuses a fine mist of soothing and decongestioning Avène Thermal Spring Water. The fine spray may be applied to the face, forearms or hands depending on the area of inflammation. Patients are treated in specific spraying rooms with individual treatment stations.


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