La station thermale d'Avène


Reduce and relieve the undesirable effects of cancer treatments.

Avene center has extended its dermatological expertise to the skin and oral side effects of cancer treatments. It is in a warm and caring atmosphere that our medical-thermal team welcomes you for a unique experience.


When your skin has been severely tested and you experience the essential need to reclaim your body and regain healthy skin.


Avène Hydrotherapy Center is internationally renowned for its dermatological treatments. Patients arrive often from far, to treat damaged, weakened, dry, hyper-reactive and sometimes burnt skin. All these problems can occur after surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments, which are used to treat many types of cancer. Making hard times easier and helping restore comfort and well-being to the skin are among the benefits of a 3 week treatment program at Avène, a program that can be seamlessly incorporated into the concerned patients' overall care.

Preparing for the hydrotherapy treatment and organization

Steps for preparing a hydrotherapy treatment in Avène center:

  1. 1Medical prescription or personally funded treatments:

    Treatment covered by health insurance with a form to fill out with your doctor, oncologist or dermatologist (form S2 for countries in the European Union) otherwise personally funded treatment.

  2. 2Make an appointment with one of the hydrotherapy doctors..

    Doctors List

    The dates of your treatment depend on the appointment for arrival consultation with the hydrotherapy doctor.

  3. 3Book accommodation:

    Many accommodations are available on the thermal site and in the surrounding area (Hotels, Residences, Furnished Rentals, Camping...).

    Accommodation Guide

    Eau thermale Avène l'Hôtel

  4. 4Book your treatment:

    Book your treatment on the website
    or by telephone : 0 33 4 67 23 41 87

    Book my cure


The wide range of available treatments are remarkably effective: patients are comforted by the supportive attitude and the high degree of attention they are given.  They find great relief through the hydrotherapy and hydrating treatments and through the assistance they receive during therapy.

Avene hydrotherapy treatment: scientifically proven efficacy

A clinical study conducted at the Center made it possible to demonstrate a significant improvement in Quality of Life, but also in the principal signs of skin discomfort related to breast cancer treatments (chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy). (1)

(1) Dalenc F, Ribet V, Rossi AB, et al. Efficacy of a global supportive skin care programme with hydrotherapy after non-metastatic breast cancer treatment : a randomised, controlled study. Eur J Cancer Care. 2017; e12735.

More results



  • Hydromassage Bath
  • Showers and general sprays
  • Filiform shower
  • Scalp Spraying
  • Localized Spraying
  • Thermal water compresses
  • Underwater massage
  • Oral hydrotherapy treatments:
    • Mouthwashing bath
    • Oral spray
    • Gingival shower


  • Body wrap with emollient cream
  • Moisturizing modeling massage of the body
  • Facial treatment with emollient cream
  • Complete scalp treatment

More than just hydrotherapy treatments, it’s time away, time to talk, share, recuperate…

Often, a treatment at Avène means getting back in touch with a gentler, more soothing way of life.

Our guests can attend workshops and conferences offering information and support on how to improve everyday well-being.

This will help you take the right steps to reduce anxiety and stress and take back control of your body.

Take advantage of these sessions, which are also an opportunity to talk and share experiences.


  • Well-being and relaxation : methods to learn to "let go", evacuate stress and find serenity and appeasement.
  • Expression and exchange workshops : led by a psychologist, these workshops are spaces for listening and sharing where you can express your life and experiences with other people living in similar situations
  • Medical makeup and corrective makeup : this workshop allows, with the help of a specialist, to learn specific techniques of "camouflage" to harmoniously neutralize imperfections or scars on the face or body.
  • Rejuvenating makeup :  because the disease can cause signs of aging to appear early, during this workshop you will learn makeup techniques to eliminate traces of fatigue and restore the youthfulness of your complexion. Healthy glow guaranteed !
  • Hygiene and hydration : you will find many practical tips on the steps to take to take care of your skin, bad habits to ban, how to apply a treatment ...


  • Sport and Health Conference : this conference is presented by a general practitioner and looks at the benefits associated with sport, as well as the main mechanisms involved.
  • Modified gymnastics
  • Lymphoedema workshop  : these sessions are led by a physiotherapist and will help you rediscover the desire to exercise and improve your mobility.
  • Sporting activities : exercise is important for your health and quality of life, so our trainers offer sessions of: Nordic walking, Gentle workouts, Energetic workouts, Outdoor workouts, Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, Qi Gong, Zumba.
  • Onco Nutrition Conference : Led by a dietitian.
  • Hydrotherapy Conference : presented by the Director of the Hydrotherapy Centre. An opportunity to learn all about Avène Thermal Spring Water, its properties, its history, the therapy programme and the treatments. And to ask any questions you may have...

practical advice


Do I need
to change my
daily hygiene routine ?


Under cancer treatments, your skin becomes particularly sensitive. Gentle and appropriate hygiene is essential to avoid accentuating skin side effects.



My skin keeps getting dryer
because of my treatment.
What should I do?


Skin dryness is one of the side effects related cancer treatment. The best way to maintain skin comfort is to moisturize your skin as much as possible.

How can I relieve irritations ?
from radiotherapy ?


Radiation from radiotherapy can cause skin lesions called "radiodermatitis". Symptoms can range from simple redness to severe burns with ulcerations.

How can I improve my face condition,
or look less tired?


Under cancer treatments, the complexion changes, the skin loses its radiance. Medical make-up can be used for a "healthy glow" effect but also to hide redness, scars, dark circles or redraw eyebrows.

My hands and feet are damaged,
how can I improve this?


Treatments can cause side effects on the feet and hands. We sometimes talk about “hand-foot” syndrome.




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