equipe thermes avene

The medical hydrotherapy team

Personalized welcome and high-quality treatment management, always in tune with your skin's needs

The Avène Hydrotherapy Center is attentive to the needs of your skin through high-quality treatments, a warm welcome and personalized care. Every year from April to October, the Hydrotherapy Center welcomes approximately 2,800 patients (eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, burn-related scarring, post-cancer scarring, ichtyosis) in a thermal spa facility worthy of its history and its dermatological vocation, doing its utmost possible to transform your hydrotherapy treatment into a genuine moment of wellness. All skincare treatments are performed by qualified, experienced professionals.

Marie Ange Martincic   Directrice de l' établissement thermal
Laurence LAUTIER Responsable Qualité et Projets scientifiques
Joelle NONNI Responsable des ateliers d'éducation à la santé de la peau
Luce SAQUET FABRIZI   Adjointe de direction Les thermes d'Avène


  • Hydrotherapy Center Director : Marie-Ange Martincic
  • Executive Assistant for Quality, Pharmacist : 
  • Laurence Lautier
  • Executive Administrative Assistant : Luce Saquet Fabrizi
  • Management Assistant : Céline Faillie
  • Head of Welcoming Team :  Lucile Bourrel
  • Treatment reception : Corinne Rivière
  • Healthy Skin Education, Workshop Manager : Joëlle Nonni
  • Workshop Assistants : Célia Guevara, Caroline Thoulouze
  • Hydrotherapy Center Technical Department : David Pascual, Alexis Blanc

Hydrotherapy staff :

Valérie Barthélémie, Elisabeth Bini, Patricia Courtial, Maryline Daniel, Isabelle Gazaignes, Rosine Gleizes, Valérie Jankowski, Nathalie Libouban, Manon Soriano, Sylvie Vidal.

Infirmière des thermes d'Avène Chef de secteur soins thermaux


  • Nurse, head of the treatment sector : Isabelle Pastre
  • Nurse : Liliane Bonnardel
  • Physiotherapist : 3 or 4 physiotherapists

Consultation médicale station thermale Avène

General and Hydrotherapy Practitioner

  • Dr Pavlina DULGUEROVA - Dermatologist and Venereologist
  • Dr Anne MATHIEU - Dermatologist and Venereologist
  • Dr Diana PLACINTESCU - Dermatologist and Venereologist
  • Dr David VERCHERE - General practitioner


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