Les Thermes d'Avène



Since its inception, Avène Dermatological Hydrotherapy Center has been fully dedicated to skin care, dispensing genuine scientific hydrotherapy treatments. The hydrotherapy establishment offers effective hydrotherapy treatments for both adults and children suffering form dermatological conditions and dermatological side effects following cancer treatments, skin burns or surgical procedures. Our patients can benefit from state of the art hydrotherapy equipment combined with the internationally acclaimed effectiveness and high quality of Avène Thermal Spring Water.



The area surrounding Avène is ideal for long nature walks, creating the impression that in this place, at this instant, time stands still. A stay at Avène can bring reconciliation: combining modernity with a gentle life style and taking care of your health.

the Hydrotherapy Center

Plan site thermal Avène

At the Hydrotherapy Center, you will discover the water research laboratory and the production plant that help bring you the best of what Avène has to offer.


The production plant

The Avène production plant was inaugurated in 1989.  Its initial surface area of 2,000 m2 has gradually expanded over the years.  Today, the production plant covers 24,000 m² with the same vital concern for ensuring environmental compliance.

In order to preserve the therapeutic properties of Avène Thermal Spring Water in the treatment of sensitive, hypersensitive or allergic skin, specific measures were implemented: direct connection between the spring and the production plant andconstant flow.

The Water Research Center

The Water Research Center shares in actions that support the notion of providing medical services and elevating thermal waters to a medical status.  

Strategically located between the Hydrotherapy Center and the production plant, this multidisciplinary research laboratory represents the scientific hub of the "Rural Center of Excellence" of the Avène Community of Communes.

  1. Understanding and controlling the resource
    • Concept of sustainable development
    • Knowledge of the thermal site
    • The practice of analysis methods
  2. Advocating for hydrotherapy
    • Pharmacological understanding
    • Notion of medicinal water
  3. Communication and public relations 
  4. Educational role
  5. Coordination of research on water

thermal site mapAvène

Plan site thermal Avène


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